RogueMek is a roguelike adaptation of the BattleTech board game. Choose your mech then battle it out against multiple enemy mechs in an arena. It is themed on classic terminal based games and is played with a keyboard only.

Gameplay video is available on YouTube.


UrbieDefense is not a tower defense game, rather more similar to missile command. Your four UrbanMechs are immobilized in the middle of a combat zone and your position is being invaded by the enemy battle armor.

Using your mouse to aim, left click fires sequential shots while right click fires all four simultaneously. How many waves can you last?

Watch a gameplay video of it on YouTube.


BouncingUrbies is a bouncing babies clone. Use your mouse to help the Atlas safely bounce each "Urbie" to the Wambulance. Uses Box2d physics for bouncing realism!